Change Management

Customer Challenges

  • -To successfully introduce desired transformations in an enabling environment
  • -To enlist, motivate and involve the people affected by the transformation.
  • -To understand and overcome resistances to transformation
  • -To manage project costs, deadlines and quality
Value proposition

A pragmatic approach aligned with the project management process by focusing on the human dimension:

1.Preparing for change

  • -Evaluate change management needs
  • -Make a situational analysis, identify and analyze the stakeholders

2.Management of change

  • -Definition, execution and monitoring of the plan (5 axes: Leadership alignment, project team mobilization, stakeholder mobilization, communication and training)

3.Strengthening Change

  • -Collect and share „lessons learned“
  • -Celebrating successes and honoring individual contributions

Customer Challenge

  • -To take into account changes of skills in processes or tools or technologies evolutions
  • -To identify leaders in the evolution of processes
  • -To anticipate the evolution of processes with specific learning sessions to new tools / changes
Value proposition

The processes and organizations evolution impact people skills, it is important to prepare teams by:

  • -Identifying the impact of organization changes on skills
  • -Measuring the level of skills needed for new processes / tools against existing
  • -Analyzing:
  • -Training needs to reach required levels
  • -Need for new skills to integrate new tools / new professions that are far from the internal skills
  • -Deploying an action plan for skills development



Change program management

Types of mission
  • -Implementation of SAP with the objective of standardizing and optimizing Finance, Controlling, Purchasing processes
  • -Implementation of a customer centric-oriented IT organization designed to support the more frequent changes in the business.

New professional skills development in a context of process and tool redesign

Types of mission
  • -Implementation of a new MES (Manufacturing Execution System) tool within production teams
  • -Implementation of TPM involving the training of production operators in maintenance tasks, level 1 cleaning
  • -Setting up a matrix organization in production teams: associating transverse organizational responsibilities with operational staff (leave management, absences, etc.)
  • -Accounting and Supply department new skills and roles design while SAP tool deployment
  • -Asian Supply Office support during deployment of European head office processes and tool
  • -Buying department training to new unit product management model

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