Project Management & Werkzeuge


  • -To govern and manage company’s project portfolio / programs
  • -To manage project Capacities, Resources, Skills
  • -To report to top management and to all stakeholders
  • -To define good practices in project management and decision-making process
  • -To train people to project methodologies, process design, templates and tools
Value proposition

A simple and pragmatic approach that includes the following steps:

  • -Maturity level assessment of the entity
  • -Implemented Roadmap definition
  • -Organizational structure of the PMO
  • -Transition plan design
  • -PMO cell deployment
  • -Continuous improvement of the PMO cell


  • -To improve performance by reducing NVA
  • -To define future production organization / administrative process
  • -To Train teams to the Lean Manufacturing / Lean Office methodology to implement a structured continuous improvement of manufacturing processes
Value proposition

A simple and pragmatic approach that can take place in the form of training / action. The different steps are as follows:

  • -Lean Manufacturing / History
  • -Lean Manufacturing or Lean Office VA / NVA
  • -The Use of the VSM / Practice by a field action (or game)
  • -The NVA Analysis of the field test case
  • -Identification and explanation of tools to reduce NVA
  • -Action Plan roll out


  • -To prepare a technical improvement project in successfull conditions
  • -To improve the processes quality by implementing under control the critical points in terms of variation / dispersion
  • -To optimize utilization rate of means of production and limit investments
  • -To Reduce costs
Value proposition

Root causes of No Added Values can be diverse. We focus on bringing the right methodology to correct the root cause:

  • The 5S before any deployment of methods, when a perfectly organized working environment is required (SMED, TPM, …)
  • 6 Sigma to improve processes and meet customer needs in a precise and cost-effective way.
  • SMED to reduce the time of change of format to the minimum
  • Kanban to deploy a flow-based organization in industrial environments
  • The Kaizen for continuous and progressive improvement by a multidisciplinary team



Definition and coordinate / optimize Project management office

Types of mission
  • Implementation and optimization of the PMO on an industrial activity

Lean, 6sigma, SMED, 5s…

Types of mission
  • -Deployment of a 5S method upstream of a Total Productive Maintenance approach (TPM)
  • -Reduction of 50% of the format change times by the SMED method and the reorganization of the maintenance / production teams around the change of format
  • -6 sigma study on a problem of door sealing
  • -Training to the TPM method on a machining and welding workshop in order to improve the state of the means and their availability rate

Training at Lean manufacturing, Lean Office, …

Types de mission
  • -Training of a team to methodology to increase production lines productivity and improve working conditions
  • -Training of teams to Lean Manufacturing methodology
  • -Training and Communication with suppliers on Lean Manufacturing in order to launch a field action within their manufacturing processes
  • -Training teams to Lean Office methodology to improve non-manufacturing processes

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