1. -To comply with European or global regulations (REACH) for the management of hazardous substances
  2. -To inform customers about rules of storage, of transport and of use of products (Safety Data Sheets). Manage SDSs for hazardous raw materials.
  3. -Manage data and documents accompanying hazardous products when transported.
  4. -Manage the hazards of plant and intermediate products as part of plant maintenance.
  5. -Follow accidents, cause trees and preventive actions
Value proposition
  • Our consultants have carried out numerous compliance projects in the Industry and Pharmaceuticals sectors. We put in place the monitoring tools and process, as well as the tools for measuring progress:
    • -To improve the image of the industries within the bordering municipalities through the application of environmental rules
    • -To implement information and training tools for hazards
    • -To implement safety rules, to reduce the risks of accidents and to secure the operating permits


  1. -To adapt IT finance solutions of the company to the accounting rules of the countries where it is present
  2. -To provide reliable, comprehensive and shared information with local auditors and tax authorities
  3. -To reduce manual processing of data and reports in each country and globally
Value proposition

Our consultants have accompanied some multinational groups in the operational implementation of financial solutions that respond to local constraints. Objectives of our approach:

  • -Reliability of locally managed data and reports, ensuring compliance with local tax rules
  • -Efficient processes of Reporting construction and distribution
  • -Improvement of visibility of the accounts and the financial health of the company
  • -Reducing time of monthly and annual closing.
  • -Facilitate explanation of results.


  1. -Ensure compliance with regulatory constraints by mapping all stages of development, manufacturing or product / service delivery
  2. -Provide reliable, complete and shared information: with suppliers, with customers
  3. -Collect malfunction data (vendor incident, transport, customer incidents, service) and follow corrections
Value proposition
  • We implement technical solutions to bring the information that allows us to trace products and services from end to end. Objectives of our approach:
    • -Gain and maintain customer confidence. Increment confidence.
    • -Achieve growth while controlling incident risks and costs, After-sales service
    • -Aim for continuous improvement of internal and external processes by following and correcting all stages of the product life cycle



Re-engineering of flows, environment, health and safety

Types of mission
  • -Construction of a hazardous materials database and automatic sending processes of SDS to customers
  • -Deployment of a database of associated substances and transport standards (ADR, CIF, IMDG, IATA)
  • -Implementation of employee empowerment management tools on work sites
  • -Creation of a matrix of events to follow. Accident monitoring indicators and corrective actions

Incorporating multi-country tax rules

Types of mission

-Setting and deploying tools for compliance:

  • -Invoice Formats
  • -Typologies and rates of VAT

    -VAT returns

  • -Editions balance sheets and results (tax bundle) in the country format
    • -Configuration and deployment of the different charts of accounts to be managed – IFRS, France – and the rules for the automatic determination of accounts
    • -Reporting adaptations to provide reports with a country-specific format

Traceability of products and services

Types of mission
  • -Implementation of quality management for finished products: tracking analyzes, batch and production management, monitoring and editing of quality or compliance certificates
  • -Implementation of a service management tool with repair orders: repair flows and internal and external invoicing, cost tracking. Implementation of corrective actions and indicators.
  • -Integration of claims management in the ERP / CRM: follow-up of the end-to-end process with logistical documents, follow-up forms, actions carried out
  • -Implementation of serial number management solution.
  • -Accompaniment of quality and operational teams in the implementation of traceability tools: awareness, training, management