Risiko Management


  1. -To have a clear and hierarchical vision of the risks of the processes and activities of the company-
  2. -To implement appropriate procedures and tools for risk analysis and control: financial, legal, commercial, IT
  3. -To Comply with laws
  4. -To ensure protection against sanctions by governments or supranational entities
Value proposition

Specialized in the implementation of risk control solutions, our consultants have carried out risk management projects in the Pharmaceuticals and Luxury sectors, which are particularly sensitive to the subject. Our approach focuses on:

  • -The company’s risk mapping, based on its activities, suppliers and customers, and their ranking according to their importance and probability
  • -Risk analysis tools, on a daily basis
  • -Measures to prevent its risks


  1. -To be in compliance with job separation rules to mitigate risk (SOX)
  2. -To be in compliance with personal data management rules. ACNIL (Fr), GDPR (EU), PSD2 (EU).
  3. -To reduce access to sensitive transactions but enabling traced and validated emergencies management
  4. -To implement procedures and documentation to manage all user access and roles in the company
Value proposition

We deploy a methodology and tools to:

  • -Adjust roles, accesses, licenses to the number of „active“ users
  • -Eliminate non-active functions
  • -Eliminate non-active profiles
  • -Alert if incompatible roles combinations appear or if sensitive transactions
  • -Implement centralized user management solutions in all systems


  1. To protect data (e-mail, files, access data) from mobile devices (PC, Telephone) against intrusions
  2. To be able to open external access to applications without sacrificing security
  3. To implement post-crash / crash recovery procedures and tools (backup and restore of data, control and repair of systems and network flows)
Value proposition

Our consultants have carried out cyber security projects with major players in the Pharmacy and Luxury sectors

Our approach :

  • -Risks mapping
  • -Implementation of the most appropriate solutions, which minimize the cost of rehabilitation or renewal of equipment, loss of information



Risk analysis and control

  • Examples of mission
    • Implementation of customer credit control tool, managing customer risk criteria
    • Analysis of financial risks during merger / acquisition or bankruptcy
    • Implementation of IT solutions to monitor access to sensitive transactions
    • Analysis and recommendation of insurance cover for business risks
    • Enforce international standards of segregation of duties
    • Computerize quality control on incoming goods
    • Trace raw materials or goods sourcing

Sécurisation des accès aux systèmes d’information: Rôles et accès

Types de mission
  • Implementation of Industrialization solution for authorizations management
  • Construction of tools to manage and measure accesses to transactions, roles, profiles, etc.
  • Compliance of user roles and authorizations, based on risk matrices
  • Improvement of Roles and Profiles Management Modes: Absence, Substitution Management, Request Validation Process…


Types of mission
  • Securing access to company servers or computers (VPN, web portals, mobile applications)
  • Monitoring internal and external network flows, with management of site lists and unwanted e-mails
  • Implementation of backup management and data synchronization between servers and terminals
  • Encryption of sensitive data (PCs and mobile phones)
  • Implementation of security rules: passwords, certificates, antivirus and sharing of a IT charter explaining good practices to employees

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