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Operational Strategy

Study and reorganization of the logistic flows and stock management of 8 subsidiaries of a Group in Switzerland.

Conception of a Warehouse Management core model and implementation of the worldwide deployment at different production sites.

Support in the definition of the ERP master plan in the merger of two French and Japanese Groups.

Analysis of tire yard management processes in Europe and recommendations for alignment.


business transformation

Project steerage of a distribution platform managed through handling units with identification by bar code.

Support in the deployment of a multi-site Information System for a top tier automotive supplier.

Management of an Information System upgrade project for an automotive supplier (France and export).

performance management

Optimization of the Recort To Report process: analysis of cost prices by group subsidiaries and methodology for eliminating margins in stock.

Implementation of a SOX approach to improve the reliability of the inventory management and valuation process.

business digital shaping

Management of an Information System for the monitoring of all warehouses and stores (Switzerland).

Realization of a time measurement tool on Android smartphone: measurements and reporting in real time.

Support in the optimization of revenue activities around the Microsoft Dynamics Information System.


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