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Location: Geneva, Lyon and Paris.


You will take action on issues of performance management, IS strategy, business transformation, digital innovation and project management for ERP/EPM projects.
You will be involved in business development and participate in consulting offers.
You will tackle with tomorrow’s challenges, learn from the best professionals and gradually develop your expertise.


Graduated from a business or engineering school, you have acquired a solid experience after 3 to 10 years in a consulting firm or company. You have a taste for customer service, you enjoy leaving your comfort zone to innovate. Your ability to listen, analyze and synthesize is matched by your desire to learn.
We need you to serve our clients, leaders in their sectors. Not only today but also tomorrow. We will ensure your integration, and above all we will help you to progress and grow. Invest in the long term, in yourself.

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True to our values, we will be selective, for our Clients but also for you. The recruitment process will start with a rigorous selection on resume. Candidates will then meet with a Consulting Director before taking an oral and written English test with a professional. The process will end with a case study with presentation and oral defense in front of a second Director.

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