Environment and energy

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operational strategy

Management of an application upgrade project for a waste processing company.

Revision and implementation of the sales and purchasing processes and interfacing of the solutions in the group’s IT ecosystem.

Support in the transformation of the Customer Relationship Management and implementation of the ERP solution.


business transformation

Steering and management of the upgrade of an Information System on the finance and logistics scope.

Conception and implementation of a warehouse management solution. Post-production optimization and implementation of an evolving third party application maintenance.

Deployment and optimization of the Group’ purchasing and logistics processes.

performance management

 Redesign of the forecasting process and assistance in the deployment of a budgeting solution.

business digital shaping

Roll-Out project of the Information System covering 6 industries in 3 different geographical areas.

Réalisation d’un outil de mesure des temps sur smartphone Android : mesures et restitution en temps réel.

Accompagnement à l’optimisation des activités de recette autour du Système d’Information Microsoft Dynamics.


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