Environmental, social , corporate governance and risks

Risks management

Risks control and analysis

Tools review and implementation

Internal control system

Security and authorizations management

Environment and Society

ESG&R support

Integration of ESG and ODD criteria

Flows’ re-ingeneering

Extra financial reporting

Corporate Governance and regulations

Governance review

To comply with legal regulations

Reporting and dashboard

your challenges

To align the company’s strategy and organization in order to make it responsible and sustainable.

To include ESG criteria in risks management, in products conception, in financial services, …

To comply with the requirements of stakeholders (investors, customers, …) and forecast the legal rules change (to meet the reference standard in extra-financial reporting)

 To raise awareness about sustainability challenges to employees


To realize a diagnosis on the whole value chain (ESG criteria, ODD impact, …) and define a transition roadmap towards sustainability.

To define and manage the actions plan adapted to the company’s priorities (organization, flows, tools and risks assessments procedures, …)

To frame and support the implementation of the TCDF (Task Force on Climate-related financial disclosures)

To support change and implement a corporate governance and continuous improvement process.

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