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operational strategy

Design of the decentralized operational model of warehouse management (20 sites worldwide), from inventory automation to customs management.

Diagnosis and optimization of production flows from product design to manufacturing.

Working capital reduction study with proposals for improvement scenarios.

business transformation

Realization of Lean Manufacturing audits of suppliers to reduce costs and maintain the productivity of the supply chain.

Evolution study of the organization on the finished products flows to meet the customers changes.

Support to the maintenance manager of an industrial site to improve first level maintenance and implement a preventive maintenance strategy.

Performance management

Optimization of the Record To Report process: analysis of cost prices by group subsidiaries and methodology for eliminating margins in stock.

Diagnosis and roadmap for the implementation of a new costing model and evolutions.

Assistance in the implementation of a Group Costing Core Model.

Definition and implementation of a management control framework.

business digital shaping

Implementation of an American core model for a printing machine manufacturer, then worldwide deployment.

Development of a tool on Android tablet to map the different axes of Factory 4.0.

Management of an IoT project to improve maintenance, reduce production costs and provide new services to customers.


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