Operational strategy

Oganization Transformation


Operational excellence 

Post Merger Integration


Goals, Ambition 

Target Operating Model

Master Plan

Evolution of the solutions

New products and services

Strategic roadmap 

Selection assistance of tools

your challenges

To get the company’s strategic vision conceived by the top management up and running in order to enable its implementation and monitoring.

To conquer new clients and markets by improving the information systems’ agility.

To ensure the compatibility between the management model and the established strategy.

To align the business and technological paths by formalizing master plans that ensure a compatibility between short and long term goals.

To identify and activate growth and transformation drivers especially in post-acquisition contexts.

Tomorrow's value proposition

To define an ambition and a strategic implementation roadmap.

To provide new activity development scenarios (markets, products and services) and operational excellence.

To define and adapt the management model.

To define the organization and the target operating model as well as the adapted application technology and functional infrastructure (example through an outsourcing policy)

To drive and execute the Post-Merger Integration projects. (PMI)

customer case examples

transformation digitale

Master plan of a digital transformation

Selection assistance in the group ERP


Reshaping the organization model of the Information System at a european level

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